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Caffè Ninfole

Ciro Ninfole, born in 1900, buys the first batch of raw coffee and starts selling it in the family grocery store in the old city of Taranto. In 1921 runs far away, the coffee was roasted in a little roasting machine and consumed together with the barley that in the post-war era was cheaper. In 1948 was opened the first “House of Coffee” in the central via D’Aquino and here it was possible to find more than 30 types of coffee coming from all over the world. We are in the aftermath of World War II , there is a small roasting machine and twenty silos, the customer can personalise the blend by agreeing with the salesman the various percentages of coffee to enjoy a product absolutely exclusive  for those times. In 1950 was opened the first factory, with two roasting machines and a dense sales network. The continued sales increase leads to the construction of a new factory built on an area of 5000 square meters in Via Cesare Battisti.

The turnover considerably grows and in 1992 the existing plant was built in the industrial area of San Giorgio Jonico, just a few miles from Taranto. The new production centre covers an area of 12.000 square meters, of which 4.500 are covered. Thanks to its production technologies used and for the optimization of all processes, Caffè Ninfole S.p.A. is among the most modern roasting coffee companies.

Caffè Ninfole S.p.A. is one of the oldest roasting companies in Puglia.

The new plant is the result of the perfect evolution of an excellent handcraft product.

A century of history and experience to pass on the art of how making coffee through the most modern technologies.